Role Purpose:


Follow up with Buyers and Assistant Buyers on selecting and buying merchandise for various departments at Beirut Duty Free.

Key Areas of Responsibility:



·         Assist in negotiating with vendors regarding selection, pricing, terms, deliveries, freight, insurance, quality, special discounts, quick payment discounts, extended credit and general marketing strategy to the best interest of Beirut Duty Free in the aim of maximising profitability

·         Maintain a high degree of market awareness and a detailed knowledge of the retail industry that this knowledge is shared with the buying team

·         Make sure that Buyers and Assistant Buyers will research and obtain all relevant information on each product selling in Beirut Duty Free

·         Ensure and monitor that sufficient stocks are maintained to satisfy consumer demand whilst always providing innovative product selection

·         Assist Purchasing Manager in arranging marketing and advertising support with all suppliersin addition to following up with all details related to payment terms, method of payment and all other recharges and rebate agreements

·         Ensure that price comparisons are updated monthly by all Buyers and Assistant Buyers and necessary corrective action is taken

·         Ensure with Buyers that there is a significant and innovative promotion calendar created for every department to achieve high levels of variety and value for our customers




Key Responsibilities:


The Senior buyer leads a team of buyers and assistant buyers. The key role is to apply the company strategy, achieve budgeted category performance and maximise category profitability.



·         Define the yearly category budget in accordance to set parameters

·         Drive category performance in accordance to the set budget

·         Analyse performance reports and ensure budgets are being met and recommend appropriate action where necessary

·         Analyse market trends to ensure a competitive retail pricing strategy in the aim of securing budgeted profit margins

·         Study the competition on the home market and at competitive airports

·         Asses and approve the yearly promotional calendar with buyers and business partners and ensure it delivers the adequate return on investment, drives category performance and maximizes profitability

·         Spend a specified number of hours per week on the shop-floor.



  • Analyse stockholding levels given targeted category parameters by ensuring continuous stock availability of A and B products representing 85% of category sales; and approve actions set by the buyer on slow movers and obsolete stock
  • Check and validate purchase orders placed by the buyer to ensure business demands
  • Ensure purchasing procedures are being adhered to
  • Review the product mix on a timely basis to ensure an up to date assortment in line with consumer demands
  • Monitor service levels to ensure continuous and adequate stock supply
  • Build a yearly sell in forecast in coordination with the vendor to secure stock
  • Research new brands and product ranges with a view of improving existing categories or launching new departments



  • Support the finance department in financial matters with vendors when required
  • Negotiate commercial terms with vendors in the aim of improving net profitability and yield margins
  • Generate the yearly rebate and acquire approvals from vendors
  • Generate the yearly yield margin analysis by category ensuring budgeted margins are being met


Supplier File

The buying team will maintain and constantly update a supplier file for Beirut Duty Free with all relevant product information:

1.     Date of commencement

2.     Supplier code

3.     Supplier name and address, telephone and fax number

4.     Supplier bank details

5.     Supplier contact name

6.     Net price per consignment

7.     Invoice price unit

8.     Invoice price case

9.     Retail price structure

10.  Pack size

11.  Minimum order quantity

12.  Terms of credit

13.  Delivery terms

14.  Lead-time to Beirut Duty Free from placing order


The Senior Buyer must ensure the supplier listings in the supplier file are updated highlighting additions, deletions and price changes and ensure that the file is kept updated at all times.

Processing all correspondence with suppliers and customers in relation to their own sections.

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