Tom Ford Rose D'amalfi EDP 50ML


Tom Ford Rose D'amalfi EDP 50ML

An intimate, discreetly sensual rose kissed by italian bergamot, rose d’amalfi merges baies roses with sunlit heliotrope, evoking skin-on-skin warmth.

“infused with italian bergamot, rose d’amalfi is an intimate and sensuous scent.” – tom ford  

Exclusive rose on rose extract, rose neoabsolute, italian bergamot.    


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Tom Ford invites you to experience private rose garden, a provocative scent trilogy evoking three incomparably transportive destinations – each inspired by the exquisite, rare blooms in his own garden. introducing rose d’amalfi, rose de chine and rose de russie.

Evoking the sunlit sensuality of the amalfi coast, rose d’amalfi mingles spicy baies roses with almond-like heliotrope – and an exquisite “rose-on-rose” distillation – eliciting a wave of captivating, softly sensuous, skin-on-skin sensations.